Hi, I'm Daniel.

In 2007 I touched a 3D program for the first time. It was Vue. And that's how it all started. Since then, I've never stopped working with 3D and

in 2013 I decided to do it professionally. Until then and until today I try all common 3D programs. I use every tool that is necessary to

get the job done. However, my Swiss Army knife is Cinema 4D.


I would like to learn all about CGI, 3D, VFX and film making, sharing this knowledge and creating media that will make people happy,

entertain and help them explain their products and services to others in a simple and understandable way. That's why I'm a 3D artist.


I am particularly experienced in modeling, UV mapping, rigging and PBR texturing.


If you can help me or I can help you feel free to drop me a mail.


DREAM - IMAGINE - VISUALIZE - REALIZE Daniel Weinlein, Mannheim 2009


OR DROP ME A MAIL: daniel@3d-tutorial.de