Hi, I am Daniel Weinlein and I create workable 3D-Assets to make worlds come alive.

14 years ago I started to pursue my fascination to let worlds and thoughts in my head become something real, something in 3D – just with a computer and back then with the Software „Vue“ I built my first landscape - a classic island in the water.


What could breathe more life into the island than – of course – a mine track? So I was building my first 3D Model in Cinema 4D: a mine track. After I had fun with some more „mine-tracks-on-islands-stuff“, I realized my personal dream – also just with a computer but this time in the real world: I became a professional 3D-Artist. 

The last 6 years to this day I have worked in various advertising and movie agencies where I did motion graphics, 3D animations, storyboarding & concept to asset creation for customers like Disney, Lego and Ravensburger. So I was always very close to production pipelines, where I was accompanied by the question: How can stories that we tell become even more vivid through the 3D objects that I create & how can technology be used even more efficiently? 

I answered the question myself by specializing in 3D Asset creation. Today I want to help these agencies I used to work for and all people who working in the CGI industry to make their production process more efficient and to make their stories and worlds come alive. That´s why I am offering qualitative, workable 3D-Assets for download. My aim are objects as true to detail and as real as possible. To do this, I carefully, disciplined and patiently work on my core competencies modeling, rigging, shading, texturing, visualization, rendering and UV-mapping. 

To meet my requirements I work with my Swiss pocket knife: Cinema 4D. Since I have the aim to constantly learn and become professional, I like to familiarize myself with other 3D programs. Together with my YouTube community, I am discovering new possibilities and techniques to create 3D assets qualitatively and true to detail, ready 2 use and always workable for Cinema 4D.


If you can help me or I can help you feel free to drop me a mail.


DREAM - IMAGINE - VISUALIZE - REALIZE Daniel Weinlein, Mannheim 2009


OR DROP ME A MAIL: d.wstudios@hotmail.de